PlaySafe by Wigos allows casinos to maximize profitability while accomplishing social distancing

Malta, June 5, 2020.Win Systems, the leading provider in the gaming and entertainment industry, has announced the launch of PlaySafe by Wigos, the new set of functionalities within its renowned casino management system Wigos. Thanks to PlaySafe, casinos can reopen with all player positions offered, while keeping security and hygiene measures for both players and casino staff, while pandemic restrictions apply.


The Wigos PlaySafe functionalities have been developed to allow players to enjoy the full offering of the casino while maintaining social distancing, by automatically disabling adjacent machines to the ones in use. When a player finishes the gaming session, PlaySafe automatically disables this machine and sends a notification to the casino staff to ensure a proper sanitation is completed before re-enabling the slot machine. The new functions also allow scheduled reservations of gaming machines, and suggest similar available slots if a machine is temporarily disabled. Therefore, PlaySafe by Wigos allows casinos to maintain 100% active positions, maximizing player satisfaction and ultimately casino profitability.


In order to optimize management of the casino with the specific requirements of any operator, the Wigos PlaySafe functions can be also applied individually to each slot (while minimizing the physical interaction of casino employees with the machines), and also through the Wigos powerful business intelligence tool, Intellia, which offers all the casino real-time information in visual maps, charts and dashboards, enabling the optimization of the decisions.


Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, commented: “From the very beginning of the pandemic, each and every one of the Win Systems divisions worked very hard to develop technologically advanced solutions to enable our clients to maximize the performance of their venues, while ensuring maximum safety for both players and staff. PlaySafe by Wigos delivers the functionalities to allow the casinos to offer 100% of their gaming machines, with no need to switch off any slot in advance, preventing the investment in additional protection elements such as screens, etc. At the same time, it allows every casino to adapt the system to their particular situation and needs. This is our purpose: always being side-by-side with our clients, especially in such a critical moment for our sector.


PlaySafe by Wigos, patent pending.

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